Ruling the world?

Sorry, but that’s not for me.

I have to say that I feel like I should find something else to blog about besides the latest music video I have run across. I just find it interesting that while participating in NaBloPoMo I managed to post every day without using music video at all (I think – I’m not going to check 🙂 ). So I thought I would check the Daily Prompt for today.

If there was something I was going to change, I think I would try and reintroduce “compromise” in the world of politics. I personally think that nowadays it has become more of a “us vs them” kind of adversarial relationship where our idea is the only one that works and theirs is just rubbish. What happened to everyone working towards what is best for the constituency? Or as I like to say: “Why can’t everyone just get along?”

Goodnight all!

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Preconceived notions

I don’t know why, but for some reason I never thought I would like One Direction. I had not heard their music, so I really had nothing to base that notion on. As it seems to be happening more and more lately, it is by actually hearing the music playing in the gym while I am walking on the treadmill that I find out about new music.

This is how I found out about this next song. And lo and behold, it is One Direction singing… I have not heard many of their songs but I sure like two of them. Story of my Life is the other one so far.

I guess I’ll be listening to more One Direction to find out if there are more songs of theirs that I like.


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I’d like to buy a clue

So I just watched Youtube’s Rewind 2015 and I had no idea what any of those people and memes were. I like to say that I try to stay up to date with popular music since my musical taste is pretty eclectic, but although I had heard the songs, I had no idea who most of the artists were, in particular Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth. Wow, I guess I should have watched Furious 7. And I guess it’s too late to learn to do the “Nae Nae” 😐

Turns out that the song those two artists above performed for Furious 7 was the top trending video of the year… So you get to hear it once again.


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I’m not lying

because my lips aren’t moving 🙂

Yeah, a cheap pun based on one of the songs from Meghan Trainor.

All that so I can use one of her video’s in today’s blog post 🙂

Hey, I really like the song, and it doesn’t hurt that I like John Legend as well, check out his All Of Me video if you’re not familiar with him.


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Still with music

My daughter borrowed our minivan a while ago and left her car for us to use while she had ours. When I used it, an album played and I thought it was really good. The album name was Love Stuff (the link is to Google Music – it may still be on sale for $0.99) by Elle King. I think pretty much every song on the album is good and I thought I would share one of them with you. Now I’m not going to go with the obvious, “Ex’s and Oh’s” but rather with “Ain’t gonna drown“. Hope you enjoy.


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You probably watched this already

I had some grandiose idea that I would find unknown music and expose it to my vast (dream on 🙂 ) audience. Then I finally found out that just because a video on Youtube as a lot of views doesn’t mean that everyone knows about it. This video is an example of that. I had no idea who Ed Sheeran was until I found out that he was singing this song. And then I watched other Ed Sheeran videos and I can’t believe I was unaware of his existence before now. I shudder to think how many other artists I am missing out on.

Anyway, maybe watching this video will also make you aware of Ed Sheeran; and if you know about him already you will enjoy listening to him again…


PS: Well I didn’t know that “you probably watched this” meant that I had already included this video in my blog a month ago. Awesome… enjoy the Encore presentation 🙂

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And now for something completely different

My wife says I should post once a week on Saturday because that’s when I usually get drunk 🙂 I’ve only had 4 beers so far so I don’t know if this qualifies but here goes anyway…

You know what I hate? Not being able to eat anything I want, whenever I want like I used to do when I was younger.

You know what I like? Not being 100lbs (45kg) overweight like when I was younger.

Every once in awhile, I  really don’t like having to watch my caloric intake so that I don’t regain the weight that I lost. I am currently in one of those periods, so it is very possible that I have been rebelling against that watch. I had a birthday at the beginning of November and I have been doing a very poor job of staying within my allotment since then. And it will come as no surprise that I have been gaining weight.

I have decided upon a weight range where it is perfectly okay if my weight fluctuates within that range. I am right now pretty much at the upper end of the range, so it is time to get back to being good about what I eat. And I obviously didn’t plan this very well since the Christmas season is upon us and there will be food aplenty.

Okay, enough ranting. Let’s also have something completely different as far as music is concerned. A little Sixx:A.M. should do the trick:


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