Kudos to Staples

We had someone make a fraudulent purchase on one of our credit cards today, and the reason we found out is that Staples called us to confirm a laptop purchase since the shipping address was different than the billing address. Thanks to their proactivity, we did not find out much later that somebody had made thousands of dollars worth of purchases on our credit card.

Staples recommended that we phone the credit card company to let them know that someone had tried to make a fraudulent purchase on the card. I called them this evening, and after providing so much personal information that it felt like the only thing I had not told them was the brand of underwear I wear, they have frozen the card and are sending a new one.

This does bring up a perplexing question: how was that credit card number obtained by the fraudster? I don’t recall ever having my credit card out of my sight, and that is not the credit card I use to make online purchases. Oh well, I don’t think we will ever know how it happened.

Anyone have horror stories to share regarding credit cards? What happened here doesn’t really qualify as a horror story…



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I am a baby-boomer who is now in his second career after spending 10 years in the military. I now work in the computer field, which also happens to be one of my hobbies. I also like to sing, play the guitar to accompany my singing, and play the piano when I practice (which is pretty much never these days)
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2 Responses to Kudos to Staples

  1. hotelgoddess says:

    Unfortunately, most credit card fraud is done from the inside: employees.Ssad but true; – all the more reason to take the time and investigate who you recruit. Lucky for the world, PCI compliance is changing the way we purchase, more PIN credit cards coming. Good on Staples. Is this the Fort street location? Our good friend is the manager

  2. cthibodeau says:

    I don’t think it was a local store, but really we do not know. All we know is that Staples called us to verify the purchase since the billing and shipping addresses did not match. Since the shipping address was in Québec, I must confess I just assumed that it was an online purchase.

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