Well this changes… Nothing.

I was not able to attend the Hosting Group meeting this morning because I had to stay behind to deal with the techs who were working on the tape library in Vancouver. However, from what I have heard from people who attended, nothing as changed as far as the outsourcing of the Hosting Group is concerned. February 16th is still the target date for us becoming EAS employees.

There were a few more details announced at the meeting. We will be staying at our current location, using our current equipment (computers/cellphones) and login accounts for the first 4 to 6 months after the outsourcing so that EAS has time to find and set up office space for its new employees.

The mainframe contract was extended because the mainframe hardware needed to be upgraded and it was only logical to have the current contract holder do the upgrade. The mainframe contract will still be moved over to EAS once they have build the new datacentre.

So as far as things are concerned for myself, nothing has changed.



About cthibodeau

I am a baby-boomer who is now in his second career after spending 10 years in the military. I now work in the computer field, which also happens to be one of my hobbies. I also like to sing, play the guitar to accompany my singing, and play the piano when I practice (which is pretty much never these days)
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