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The end? is near

That would be the end of my employment by the government of British Columbia. All the signs that I see are pointing to the cutting over to a new employer come February 16th. The decision is supposed to go in … Continue reading

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This is gonna take a while

On Wednesday of this week, we upgraded our last Unix master server to version 6 of NetBackup. The upgrade itself went very smoothly, but it took a really long time. When we upgraded the previous master server to that very … Continue reading

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Well this changes… Nothing.

I was not able to attend the Hosting Group meeting this morning because I had to stay behind to deal with the techs who were working on the tape library in Vancouver. However, from what I have heard from people … Continue reading

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The plot thickens?

There is a rumour floating around at work – supposedly confirmed independently – that the mainframe contract which was to expire this coming July has been extended until 2011. It is interesting in that the mainframe contract was part of … Continue reading

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Just a little rant

Okay, here goes one of those journal entries that will probably only interest me 🙂 I play World of Warcraft. A lot. Probably too much if you ask my wife. Anyway, I have a pet peeve as far as that … Continue reading

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Nothing to see here

I think I have come up with a possible reason why I don’t update my blog/journal with any kind of regularity anymore. It has to do with me comparing that I could put here with some of the other blogs/journals … Continue reading

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