If it’s not one thing

Wait! It is the same thing! Our new robot is giving us grief again. It broke down on Sunday evening and it took until almost 6pm for it to be fixed. And then it remained fixed for all of 40 minutes! I would venture to say that there will be hell to pay for that particular episode.

I was on call last week, and I must confess that I do not think there had been so many little problems before. That does not include of course the big problem (the robot) and the not so small problem (the server that had to be rebooted). I have to say that it is the first time that I have come very close to deciding that the extra money I get for being on call and taking care of problems as they occur is not worth the aggravation. And I would suspect that if those problems keep occurring it will take less and less of them for me to decide that it is not worth my time being on call.

Unfortunately my family, my wife in particular, are the ones being neglected when so many problems surface and they are the ones that will very soon make the on call not worthwhile.

Good night!


About cthibodeau

I am a baby-boomer who is now in his second career after spending 10 years in the military. I now work in the computer field, which also happens to be one of my hobbies. I also like to sing, play the guitar to accompany my singing, and play the piano when I practice (which is pretty much never these days)
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