How easy it is!

If there was a drawback to me taking a break from writing while on vacation it is that I have gotten out of the habit of writing daily in my blog. I guess I will just have to make a conscious effort once again so that I do not forget to blog.

I decided to go an buy another copy of the “Guitar Hero II” video game instead of going back to the store and getting a replacement. It comes down to the fact that I personally do not think that the store should replace a game that was damaged by equipment I own. It is one thing to do it the first time, as it might have been the disk itself, but this time around it was pretty obvious that the fault was with the game console. On the plus side, we now have 3 guitar controllers – something I had trying to do these last few days. Unfortunately for me, no one in town had a guitar controller for sale.

I think that I have now come to the conclusion that I seem to feel best when I get 8 hours of sleep every night. Since I have gone back to work, I have only managed to get about 7 hours of sleep a night and I find myself yawning while sitting at my desk. The only problem I have is I do not think I am ready to go to bed at 10:30pm – for some reason that just seems too early for me. And since I do not really want to get to work any later than I am now, I cannot change the time I get up. I am therefore in a quandary.

Good Day!


About cthibodeau

I am a baby-boomer who is now in his second career after spending 10 years in the military. I now work in the computer field, which also happens to be one of my hobbies. I also like to sing, play the guitar to accompany my singing, and play the piano when I practice (which is pretty much never these days)
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