I knew I was leading a sedentary lifestyle, but I never really realized how little physical activity I really did until I started helping with the moving and cleaning – well mostly the cleaning. My legs are letting me know in no uncertain terms that you cannot expect to be able to stay up on your feet all day after years of only staying up for periods of less than 30 minutes at the very most. I now know how far out of shape (even though I was getting closer to that round shape) I have gotten. I better do something about that.

We continue to slowly but surely try and find out way through the boxes. I must confess that my wife is again doing most of the dealing with the boxes – I stay with my field of expertise and I set up the electronics. I can now report that, in addition to getting the network up and running for the computers, all of the televisions are now working (there was a slight delay when we had to go exchange one of the TVs that stopped working after less than an hour of use). I still have to tackle the Home Theatre set up, but that can wait since we are getting pictures and sound – just not out of 6 speakers…

I really should start tackling the music room – there is not much music happening there at the moment as there is currently no way to get to any of the instruments (certainly not the piano) for all of the boxes.

Good night!


About cthibodeau

I am a baby-boomer who is now in his second career after spending 10 years in the military. I now work in the computer field, which also happens to be one of my hobbies. I also like to sing, play the guitar to accompany my singing, and play the piano when I practice (which is pretty much never these days)
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